The general instructions of publishing in Uruk Periodical for Humanities

  1. The periodical accepts to publish valuable and innovative papers only, and they are preferred to be applied ones. Published or accepted papers for publishing in any other periodicals would not be allowed to be published in our periodical. The researcher should present a written pledge about that before s/he hands the paper to the Editorial Board.
  2. The papers which are accepted for publishing should be written in Arabic or English and printed on white (A4) paper with (1.15) space. The researcher should present three hard copies of the paper and e-copy on a CD, written by using (Microsoft Word). The fonts are (Sakkal Majalla) for Arabic and (New Roman Times) for English. The size of the fonts should be (18) for the tittle, (16) for the subtitles), (14) for the text, and (12) for the footnotes, tables, maps, and diagrams.
  3. The paper undergoes scientific assessment. The researcher should do the required corrections then bring the research in its final form on CD and a hard copy.
  4. The tittle, name of the researcher,  e-mail, and place of work , should be written on the right of the first page , and the abstract on the left. If the paper was written in Arabic. On the other hand, if it was written in English,  The tittle,  name of the researcher,  e-mail, and place of work , should be written on the left of the first  page, and the abstract on the right. Then, the paper is classified into introduction, main body, conclusions, footnotes, Appendixes, references and bibliography, and an abstract in the other language, respectively.
  5. The paper should be less than (30) pages. The dimensions are (2 mm) on the left, and (3 mm) on the other sides.
  6. The sources and bibliographies should be arranged according to the alphabetical system (A, B, C, …). The Arabic sources come first then the English ones.
  7. The tables and diagrams should be clear and have expressive and enough information. The photographs have to be printed on glossy satin paper, mentioning the tittle and number of the photo.
  8. The research would be sent to the scientific juries after being a subject to check for plagiarism system.
  9. The paper should be written in two- column system
  10. The cost of publishing is (110000) Iraqi Dinars for the Iraqi researcher, and (100) US. Dollars for those for outside Iraq.
  11. Maps and diagrams should be placed in independent pages inside the section in an appropriate way .

Documentation system in Geography department.

The internal organization for the Geographical research

  1. The research should include the tittle in Arabic then ( Abstract in Arabic, introduction, significance of the study, results, recommendations, footnotes, sources, and an Abstract in Arabic)
  2. The footnotes take serial numbering and should be collected at the end of the research as follow:
  3. If it is a book
  • Author, tittle, chapter, edition, publisher, place of publication, year of publication, page.
  1. If it is thesis or dissertation
  • Author, tittle, college, university, year, page.
  1. If it is a paper published in a periodical
  • Researcher, tittle, name of the periodical, university, volume, issue, year, page.
  1. If the use of the source repeated and another source came in between
  • ( author, ibid, page)
  1. If there are more than one source for one author
  • Author, tittle, ibid, page
  1. The sources of tables, maps, and diagrams should be written whenever they placed
  2. Referrals and footnotes should be placed at the end of the paper.




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